Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your feedback on my project. In the final project, I am not mapping all of Aucklands transport, instead I collected data from six different people in six different surburbs of Auckland, to see how and if different areas relied on different types of transport more or less. It is not limited to any type of transport, I didnt want the people I collected data from to have to pick types of transport, as this would give an unfair result of the transport taken. It is over a period of a week, each person was given a map, and asked to note down what type of transport they used when they went out during the week, and in what direction they were travelling. I think this does draw conclusions about Aucklanders and transport, as it is very car dominated, but yes I agree maybe not enough information to draw on conclusions on the wider Auckland context. I did think about looking at existing bus and train maps, but this would not show other forms of transport, and these may not have been the most used types for people.

I agree about maybe a key decoding what colour thread represents which form of transport, but I was 50/50 about doing this, because I wanted vistiors to also be able to make up their own interpretations from my project, so after reading my blurb they could then go away and come to their own conclusions about which the yellow or green theads may be.